Arrakis LP Vaults V1

The Arrakis LP Vaults V1 were the first vaults we built to showcase that Liquidity providing management had product market fit.

The Arrakis LP Vaults V1 are the underlying technology of the first ever Arrakis product which made management of liquidity possible.

These Vaults allow for liquidity to be managed in an automated way on a concentrated liquidity DEX, currently these vaults are only active on Uniswap V3.

In short, the Vaults are smart contracts which allow for projects or users to deposit funds, and vault managers to activate strategies on these vaults. This makes UniswapV3 as easy to use for projects and users as UniswapV2, no longer having to think about "where should I set my LP range?".

Vaults interact with 2 users:

  • Projects/Users- that provide the liquidity

  • Managers- Managers can be the Arrakis Strategies also known as the Bene-Geserit-Strategists, or external managers

When a project or user deposits funds into the Vault they receive LP tokens back which represent their share of the overall Vault LP position.

Bene Gesserit Strategists

Arrakis' vaults allow for anyone to be a manager, however the DAO also has its own Strategists, these are so called Bene Gesserits.

These strategies are focused on optimizing for long term sustainable deep liquidity for project tokens, to read in detail how strategies work see the Strategy page.

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