Key Features

Multiple Concentrated Liquidity Positions

Enables the construction of an arbitrary combination of liquidity positions in a Uniswap V3 pool, e.g. a Curve V2-like liquidity distribution in Uniswap V3.

Cross Fee Tier Vaults

Enables liquidity provision in different fee tiered pools simultaneously and moving liquidity across fee tiers seamlessly.

Inventory Management

Enables using only a certain portion of the deposited capital for LPing at any given moment, with the option of connecting to any swap routers.

Cross Protocol Rebalancing

Enables aggregating liquidity sources from DEXs or directly mintable protocols.


Ensures that liquidity deposited by arbitrary depositors can be withdrawn anytime only by the depositors themselves, as managers do not have custody of the liquidity deposited.


The fungibility of Arrakis vaults makes them highly composable and enables an easy integration into DeFi, e.g. used as collateral in lending markets.

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